Bruce is a veteran of education, technology, writing and speaking for the past twenty-five years.  His history is rooted on the shores of New Jersey, in military school and the history of the United States.  Bruce is passionate about implementing solutions that enable the process of education, writing about it and presenting these ideas to those interested in learning.  He lives just outside of Philadelphia with his wife and four children. In addition to technology, teaching and writing; he enjoys baseball, playing guitar, reading, church, cooking and being a dad.


Bruce has written for a number of platforms throughout his career, including The Bleacher Report, The Father Life, Associated Content, City Paper (Philadelphia), The Examiner and The Boyertown Times and intermittently works on his History BLOG, a sci-fi novel in progress and an as-yet unnamed screenplay on the life and times of Admiral David Glasgow Farragut.


Bruce has published several books, including Sands of Time, Towering Pines, Philadelphia Story, Insider's Story, How to Read the Bible and The Star of Christmas.


Bruce holds degrees in Computer Science, Information Technology: Project Management,  American History and Biblical Studies, plus is actively working through a doctorate in Educational Technology Leadership.  In addition, he holds a number of professional certifications from Microsoft, Apple, Google and CompTIA.  Please visit Bruce's LinkedIn profile.


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